Add comfort & function to your structures
Poligon Gliders provide seating for your structures in a fun new way. Constructed from commercial grade steel, the gliders are both comfortable and modern with horizontal slat seating and clean simple lines.

Additional Features

• Bench length 48” or 72”
• Seat height 19”
• Laser cut & welded end frames 3/8”
• Steel framework 1/4” x 1-1/2”
• Approximate bench weight 200 – 275lbs
• Bench weight capacity 600lbs – 850lbs
• Stops limiting swing travel to 8 degrees fore and aft (16 degrees total)
• 3-year warranty

Glider Swing Wide
Glider Swing
Glider Color Grid

Snow Guard

When snow accumulations begin to melt, the result can be damaging as the blanket of snow avalanches off the roof. Falling snow and ice can be damaging to landscape, gutters, vehicles, and can cause injury to anyone passing by. Snow Guard dramatically reduces the risks associated with rooftop avalanches and maintains the clean colorful appearance of the roof.

• Compatible with standing seam, multi rib, and mega rib roof profiles
• Available in matching roof colors
• Lasts the lifetime of the roof
• Retrofit into existing roof or incorporate into new design
• Standing seam clamps do not pierce the metal paneling
• Affordable cost with documented holding strength
• Lifetime material/defect warranty available
• Easy to install

Snow Guard 1
Snow Guard 2

PoliGuard Gutters

PoliGuard Gutter Features:

  • 24 gauge Galvanized G90 steel
  • 5” gutter / 3.5” downspout
  • Easy to assemble, no special tools required
  • Self-cleaning
  • Low profile
  • Welded corners
  • Gutters available in full spectrum of Poligon’s Poli-5000 powder coat colors
  • Downspouts powder coated to match frame using Poligon’s Poli-5000 super-durable powder coat finish
Poliguard Gutters

Electrical Cutouts

When electrical access is requested, a 1-1/8” diameter hole is provided through the column baseplate and ¾” diameter holes are provided through connection plates to allow wire access through columns, trusses, and into the compression ring/tube or ridge beam. Electrical cutouts are round or rectangular holes in structural members required for installation of electrical fixtures or additional wire access. All cutout requests must be reviewed by our engineering department as their placement may affect structural integrity. Poligon is not responsible for unauthorized cutouts made in the field. Unauthorized electrical cutouts made in the field will void the shelter’s warranty.

Electrical Cut Out - New

Typical cutout locations:

  • Outlet cutouts are typically placed 18” above grade on the inside face of the column
  • Light switch cutouts are typically located 48” above grade on the inside face of the column
  • All cutouts are at least 12” from any structural joints
  • All cutouts are typically centered on the member wall and not close to the corners
  • Cutouts can be located through cover plates, such as the bottom of a juncture column
  • The standard rectangular cutout size is 2 3/8” x 4” and round cutout size is 3/4” diameter

Poligon Solar Lighting System

Improve Shelter Visibility and Security
Solar lighting systems are an efficient means to provide lighting without the need for standard utility. The system provides cost savings by eliminating the need to trench standard electric wires for installation and providing no electric bill for the life of the system.

In addition to cost savings, solar lights provide security, sustainability, and an overall green image.

This system works best for applications for overhead lighting requirements and can evenly illuminate an area 10-15′, depending on mounting height.

Assembly Features

  • The high powered LED solar lighting system comes complete with solar power assembly, fixture, bracket, and all mounting hardware.
  • The assembly ranges from 30 to 550 Watts with the size of the battery assembly allowing for a minimum five days autonomy.
  • The light fixture is a ceiling mount style and comes complete with LEDs and driver used to operate from the solar charged batteries. It ranges from 10 to 25 Watts and comes with an impact resistant acrylic diffuser for a soft glow, as well as various color temperatures.
  • Battery assemblies provide the needed power to run the light fixture all night, through any season.
  • Battery assembly allows a minimum of 5 days backup power for times of inclement weather.
  • The battery assembly box is typically mounted under the shelter and is attached to a column to provide shading to the battery. Alternate options are available.
  • Operation is provided by the system load controller with multiple options to choose from for different types of applications such as dusk to dawn, dusk activated timer, split timing, and motion activation.


Windscreens are best used in smoking shelter or transit shelter applications.

Polycarbonate windscreens are single preformed picture frame sections which are powder coated to match the color of the steel frame of the shelter.

Perforated metal screens shall be made of picture frame sections with perforated .063 gauge Type 3003-H14 aluminum perforated screens which shall be powder coated to match the color of the steel frame of the shelter. The perforated aluminum sections have ¼” diameter holes with 5/16” staggered centers. Perforated aluminum metal screens are best used in portable toilet enclosures or equipment storage facilities.


polycarbonate glazing


perforated aluminum

Integrated Seating

Seating becomes part of the shelter with all steel Chicago Series benches. Seating is made to the exact size to fit between columns and powder coated a specific color.

When seats are adjacent in a polygonal shelter, the resulting triangular space between them can be filled with a small built-in table. These tables make an attractive and functional addition.