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Colors shown are for reference only. Actual color may vary. Please request actual color samples through our samples form for a true color representation.


Poli-5000 Powder Coat – The most durable powder coat finish system in the industry. Steel is shot blasted to a near white condition, given a phosphate wash, coated with an epoxy primer, and then followed with a coat of polyester TGIC powder formulated for maximum UV protection, adhesion, and fade resistance. The Poligon Poli-5000 process is a completely in-house system and is available in a wide range of smooth, textured, and metallic colors.

Additional benefits include:

  • Higher surface hardness/scratch resistance than common liquid coatings
  • Reduced chance of damage to coating during installation
  • High resistance to cleaners and chemicals
  • High resistance to wind-borne abrasives
  • Certified by the Powder Coating Institute as PCI-4000

Powder Coat Primer – is electrostatically applied when field paint is required and provides a good base for other paints. The corrosion of Polyester TGIC powder coat primer is superior to typical water-based red oxide primers.


Galvanized – A basic, long-accepted method of protecting steel from corrosion, galvanizing is the process of coating steel with zinc using a hot bath process. Galvanizing is considered the best corrosion protection process available for steel components and is commonly used where exposure to salt air is anticipated. The galvanizing process results in a random, spangled finish that can also have alternating areas of haze and sheen.

Additional benefits include:

  • The zinc finish causes a cathodic process, protecting the steel substrate
  • The zinc corrodes very slowly giving long lasting protection
  • The complete dip coverage of zinc gives 100% protection of steel components
  • Extremely durable, with little or no maintenance required
  • The best and toughest protection available


Powder Coat over Galvanized – The combination of hot dip galvanizing with TGIC powder coating combines the ultimate corrosion protection with the color selection of super-durable powder coating. This long-sought combination has been difficult to successfully achieve but a new proprietary process is now making this finish combination available. Due to the galvanizing process, there will be noticeable texture areas in the final powder coat finish.

Additional benefits include:

  • All of the powder coat and galvanized benefits combined together
  • Longer lasting than any other finish alone – “synergistic effect”
  • Powder coat layer acts as a barrier to protect the galvanized layer
  • Galvanized layer prevents moisture from getting under powder coat layer
  • Largest selection of powder coat colors and textures for finished look
  • Columns come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Oversized square, round and rectangular columns are available with or without accent bands
  • Not all columns are available on all shelters. Consult Poligon for building specifics
  • Columns shown are for illustration only and are not meant to be standards. Bands can be placed in any quantity and most locations on any of the columns
  • The maximum height for the column base access holes is 11” (center). Band location must allow the access hole to be placed within the lower 11” of the column
  • Column sizes can often be oversized for look but cannot be undersized because of structural requirements
  • Stub columns are available for mounting on masonry, bricks or pieces designed by others

Electrical Cutouts

When electrical access is requested, a 1-1/8” diameter hole is provided through the column baseplate and ¾” diameter holes are provided through connection plates to allow wire access through columns, trusses, and into the compression ring/tube or ridge beam. Electrical cutouts are round or rectangular holes in structural members required for installation of electrical fixtures or additional wire access. All cutout requests must be reviewed by our engineering department as their placement may affect structural integrity. Poligon is not responsible for unauthorized cutouts made in the field. Unauthorized electrical cutouts made in the field will void the shelter’s warranty.

Electrical Cut Out - New

Typical cutout locations:

  • Outlet cutouts are typically placed 18” above grade on the inside face of the column
  • Light switch cutouts are typically located 48” above grade on the inside face of the column
  • All cutouts are at least 12” from any structural joints
  • All cutouts are typically centered on the member wall and not close to the corners
  • Cutouts can be located through cover plates, such as the bottom of a juncture column
  • The standard rectangular cutout size is 2 3/8” x 4” and round cutout size is 3/4” diameter

Low Reveal Clerestory


Standard reveal clerestory


Low reveal clerestory

Low reveal clerestory is available on many products instead of the standard height. A low reveal will reduce birds roosting in the clerestory area and provide a more streamlined look to your building.

Anchor Bolt Options


Baseplate cover for exposed bolts S43

Baseplate Covers

Baseplate covers are a great way to cover exposed anchor bolts at the base of steel columns when using external anchor bolts at finish grade.

Baseplate covers are made of steel and are finished with Poli-5000, our exclusive powder coat finishing system. Covers come in 2 pieces and are secured with sheet metal screws.