Laser-Cut Panels

Laser Cut Panel Example

Umbra Laser-Cut Panels

Add artistic shade to your next structure with Poligon’s Umbra laser-cut panels. Designed to create unique shadows and dappled shade, laser-cut designs mimic the feeling of sitting under a tree providing creative designs on the ground throughout the day.

  • Aluminum panels
  • Cost-effective alternative to other panel manufacturers
  • Fully engineered solution meeting local building code loading requirements
  • Various standard patterns
  • Available in our standard powder coat colors
  • 10-year warranty

Parasoleil Laser-Cut Panels

Dedicated to designing elegant and versatile spaces, Parasoleil provides architectural panel systems with exclusive patterns that provide a combination of shade, privacy, and artistry in commercial, residential, and institutional settings. Parasoleil’s expertise, project guidance, pre-engineered installation system, production dependability, and unrivaled patina powdercoats ensure your project’s vision comes to life in a memorable and lasting way.

Give your shelter the finishing touch with railing and ornamentation. We have a wide variety of styles to choose from or you can submit a custom design.

Gable ornamentation dates back to ancient Greek times. It is a small detail that adds a unique touch to your shelter. Ornamentation can showcase artwork or announce a location. It can also make a first impression, create an interesting focal point or become a signature of fine craftsmanship.

Poligon’s gable ornamentation is created by our team of designers. Standard designs are available or you can personalize for a custom look. Each design is created from tube steel or our state-of-the-art laser. The final product is powder coated with our signature Poli-5000 available in 40 standard colors allowing your design to blend in or stand out.

Columns come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Oversized square, round, and rectangular columns are available with or without accent bands.

Not all columns are available on all shelters.

Columns shown are for illustration only and are not meant to be standards.

Bands can be placed in any quantity and most locations on any of the columns.

Column sizes can often be oversized for look but cannot be undersized because of structural requirements.

Stub columns are available for mounting on masonry, bricks, or pieces designed by others.

End Beam Options

Give your shelter a unique style by modifying the ends of trusses, tails, lattila, or purlins.

Using our in house laser cutting machine, we can create the perfect finishing touch for your building using any of these standard designs or your custom idea.

end beam options

Artisan Wood Latillas


Cupolas have a three-letter code system. Each three-letter code (i.e. “CMA”) begins with “C” to indicate Cupola, followed by a second letter indicating the style and a third indicating the pitch. Cupola size will be determined by building size, although specific size requests will be accommodated. Please consult with your sales representative for further details. Wood cupolas available upon request.

Cupola Info Sheet