Non-PC Structures


Our sales representatives and engineering team are available to collaborate directly with you and your design team. There are so many aspects to your DSA project that require coordination; work with Poligon for your open-air structures and streamline the complicated DSA process.

Our state-of-the-art engineering, drafting, and manufacturing facility is organized for the sole purpose of creating the industry’s best structures.

DSA Non-PC Process

Project Definition

  • contact your Poligon sales representative
  • Review design intent
  • Begin coordination of structure (size,roof shape/slope, column spacing, etc)
  • Poligon Engineering can become involved to assist with technical details as required
  • Poligon creates preliminary drawings for architect and district to review
  • Poligon provides quote based on preliminary schematic drawings
  • Poligon refines design in response to feedback and working with the rest of the design team (fire suppression, electrical, etc.)
  • Poligon creates submittal (100% CD) drawings for architect and district to review and included in the project drawings to DSA
  • Poligon provides quote based on submittal drawings

DSA Approval

  • Poligon will provide full-size drawings for your architect to submit to DSA with the rest of your project
  • Poligon will address any DSA comments related to the steel shelter and work with your team through the back-check process and appointments
  • Poligon structure receives DSA approval


  • Send Poligon copy of DSA approved drawings for specific project (required before placing order)
  • Submit purchase order through local Poligon sales representative (including frame and roof color)
  • Coordinate optimal ship date through local Poligon sales representative
  • Poligon structure arrives on site

Installation/Project Close Out

  • Poligon available to answer questions from inspectors and/or installers
  • Poligon available to provide additional sketches, letters, etc. required to address filed issues (signed and sealed by California SE). Small fees may apply if Poligon not responsible for challenge requiring a solution.
  • Poligon available to assist with DSA project closeout documents as required.