Why Poligon

Over 50 Years in the Business. The Leader in the Industry. Here’s Why.

Designed From Your Ideas

Engineered For Your Site

Fabricated In Holland, MI

To Inspire Your Community

Poligon Advantage

Poligon offers many options to suit your site-specific requirements. Our experienced design and engineering teams ensure all structures are building code compliant and detailed for easy installation. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and dedicated staff fabricate each structure with the highest precision and quality in the industry. Every metal part is protected in our Poli-5000 powder coat for many years of superior durability.


The Poligon Process makes creating the perfect structure easy and efficient. 

Initial Contact: 

Contact your local Poligon Representative and we’ll begin the discovery process. We will discuss your objectives, timelines, budgets, and most importantly what you need for your project.



You can collaborate directly with our design professionals, leveraging our decades of experience to turn your design intent into a reality.

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Stamped Engineering Drawings

Our in-house engineering team is able to provide structural calculations and drawings that are signed, sealed, and ready for the permitting process, saving time, and additional costs.

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Material Procurement & Fabrication: 

Framing and roofing materials procured through Poligon streamlines the process, reduces coordination issues, and progresses your project through the manufacturing stage more quickly. All structures are manufactured in our AISC (American Institute of Steel Construction) and AWS (American Welding Society) certified facility. AISC sets the quality standard for structural steel and is the most recognized national quality certification program in the industry.



Powder Coating:

Finished metal parts receive our exclusive in-house Poli-5000™ powder coating, the toughest most durable coating in the industry and Powder Coat Institute (PCI) 4000 certified.


Packaging & Shipping

Components are inspected throughout the manufacturing process and then inspected again prior to being carefully packaged. Finally, your shipment is sent and delivered on dedicated flatbed trucks so you never have to worry about damage along the way.



Poligon’s structural steel frames bolt together and do not require field welding or cutting of steel members. In addition to eliminating bird nesting, our framing system conceals the structural hardware (bolts, nuts, etc.)


Ongoing Support

Throughout the process, Poligon’s single source responsibility improves communication and ensures that any unforeseen issues get resolved quickly and cost-effectively.


 10-Year Warranty

Poligon provides a 10-year pro-rated limited warranty from shipping date.

Professional Resources



Poligon offers ASLA certified presentations. Our courses highlight the values & benefits of working with a specialty manufacturer to design, engineer, and fabricate an open air steel structure for your next project.
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Drawing Library

Poligon offers drawings for all of our structure types including, pdf, dwg, and skp files. 
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Shelter Options

Every Poligon structure is made to order and offers a variety of options for your site specific needs including colors, roofing materials, ornamentations, and special features. 
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