Co-Op Purchasing



Buying a Poligon shelter just got easier with strategic sourcing from Sourcewell purchasing cooperative.

Sourcewell recently awarded the national contract for “Athletic and/or Recreational Related Surfaces to include Athletic Equipment and Accessories” to Poligon by Porter Corp. All Poligon products are now available to Sourcewell contract purchasing member agencies throughout the nation. The Sourcewell contract provides government, education, and non-profit agencies a purchasing solution that satisfies most agencies’ competitive bid requirements.

“Poligon is the leader in shelter manufacturing and has an outstanding reputation for serving municipal agencies across the nation,” said Mike Hajek, Sourcewell’s director of business development and marketing. “Due to their ability to control all aspects of manufacturing, design, and shipping processes, Poligon is able to ensure affordable, quality products that are quick to deliver. This contract is definitely the best way for Sourcewell members to purchase from Poligon.”

About Sourcewell:

Sourcewell can help you save time and money by combining the buying power of more than 50,000 government, education, and nonprofit organizations. Simply pick the appropriate contract or vendor—they do the rest.

Sourcewell holds hundreds of competitively solicited cooperative contracts ready for use. Choose from a wide array of products and services, or work with our in-house specialists to find the right solution to fit your needs. They award contracts at the manufacturing level, but they can be leveraged locally so you can support your local dealer or representative.

How Strategic Sourcing Works:

Sourcewell aggregates the purchasing power of public agencies nationwide by offering Participating Public Agencies the ability to make purchases through existing, competitively solicited contracts between a supplier and a lead public agency.


CMAS – Exclusive Cooperative Purchasing Contract with the State of California

CMAS NUMBER: 4-23-08-1011

CMAS TERM DATES: 08-04-2023 through 04-01-2025

EFFECTIVE DATE: 08-04-2023

Overview: The State of California establishes multiple award agreements in accordance with Public Contract Code Sections 10290 and 12101.5 (effective January 1994). A multiple award is an award to two or more contractors for the same products and/or services at the same or similar prices. Multiple award does not pertain to the number of buyers who would be ordering from the agreement, but rather the number of contractors receiving an award from a common bid process. California Multiple Award Schedules (CMAS) agreements are not established through a competitive bid process conducted by the State of California. Because of this, all pricing, products and/or services offered must have been previously bid and awarded on a base schedule. The supplier completes a CMAS Application offering products and/or services at prices based on an existing multiple award schedule. This schedule is referred to as the “base” schedule. Upon review and acceptance of the application, the CMAS Unit awards a CMAS agreement which includes the State of California contract terms and conditions, procurement codes, policies, and guidelines. For clarity, the CMAS Program does not “use” the base schedule. Instead, we establish a totally independent California agreement for the same products and services at equal or lower prices.