AISC Certified


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Porter Corp, parent company of Poligon, is pleased to announce our certification with the American Institute of Steel Construction.

The AISC Quality Management Systems Certification sets the quality standard for the structural steel industry and is the most recognized national quality certification program for the industry. In February 2020, Porter Corp completed the process by going through a rigorous evaluation that will continue with annual audits. These evaluations require a comprehensive administrative review, a documentation audit, and an on-site audit of the firm’s quality management system. This is significantly different than “product inspection,” since inspection does not focus on the root cause of the error and preventing it from happening again.


AISC certification demonstrates our commitment to quality and allows us to focus on the entire process, increase productivity, and prove that we have systems in place to focus on error prevention instead of error correction.

This certification is a specified option that our competitors do not offer and will assure our customers we are committed to providing the highest quality structures.

Our commitment is to quality.