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Certified Poligon Installers have completed a training class giving them specific knowledge of the product that will help the entire installation process go quickly and smoothly. Contact your local rep to find a certified installer near you.

Why Use a Certified Installer?

The Certified Poligon Installer (CPI) Program was developed as a result of requests received from architects, contractors, and customers. Its purpose is to assist purchasers in locating installers with experience, knowledge, and/or training in the installation of Poligon structures. With assistance from Poligon’s representative network, Poligon received recommendations for numerous installers who are included in this listing. Good installation is an important element in the creation of a successful shelter project. By using a CPI, their specific knowledge of the product will help the entire installation process to go smoothly so the end product will look as intended. Often it is the small details that make the big difference. It is our goal to continue looking at the small details so you don’t have to.

To become a CPI, Poligon frequently holds training classes at the factory whereby students are taught how to interact with our quality system, definitions, variations, installation drawings, estimating, foundation design, anchoring methods, erection sequence and tricks of the trade. The course also offers further instruction on the roofing processes, commonly used tools, roof definitions and proper trim and flashing. The class also has a workshop where the installers are challenged to prepare roofing material for fastening on mocked up frames.