PoliStar Solar Panels


PoliStar Solar Panels
The interior lighting of shelters has many benefits, most notably improving shelter visibility and security. The solar lighting kit provides all materials required for stand-alone illumination of shelters. Available in three configurations, the system can be sized to meet the lighting requirements of a variety of shelter sizes.

4.5 Watt Kit: A single 4.5 watt lamp unit provides adequate lighting for the smaller shelter.
9 Watt Kit: The 9 watt lamp unit provides adequate lighting for many mid-sized shelters.
18 Watt Kit: Two 9 watt lamps expand the lighting capability of this system.

The kit includes the photovoltaic (PV) cell and mount, L.E.D. lamp unit, storage battery(s), lamp driver / battery controller, battery enclosure, and required wiring. Illumination times, generally 4 hours after sunset and 3 hours prior to dawn, are program controlled and are maintained as an automatic system function. The actual amount of illuminance provided by the solar lamp(s) will vary by the mounting height of the lamp and the size of the area being illuminated but is approximately 10 lumens or 1 foot candle, a level roughly equivalent to the ambient light available at twilight

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